INFJ vs INFP: How To Tell Them Apart

When it comes to deciding between an INFJ vs INFP personality type, things can get a bit confusing. Both types are intuitives and have strong development in their feeling functions, however you would be hard-pressed to find out they are different in almost every way.

One can be much more individualistic, while the other is able to better collaborate with others. One can dress to impress, while the other prefers the comfort of sweatpants. They are essentially opposites in a way & we’re going to point out exactly how.

Hopefully by the end of this article you will be able to know the difference between these two archetypes. We’ll cover the key differences in their cognitive functions by looking at the side by side, and answer some commonly asked questions, such as if these two types even get along! If you become familiar with the ins-and-outs, you’ll be able to spot the key differences in others when you’re out & about or interacting with friends & family. Read on to find out!

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Cognitive Function Stacks

Instead of going off of fluffy descriptions (like healer, idealist, counselor or protector), we will be deep diving into the individual cognitive functions of each type to compare them apples to apples.

Cognitive functions are the building blocks for this personality system & give you a deeper insight into what makes up a personality type. By knowing these front to back, you can spot them in others & make much more accurate predictions of the 16 personality types.

Introverted Intuition vs Extroverted Intuition

While both of these personality types are intuitive feelers, they go about it in a totally different way.

First of all, the INFJ has Introverted Intuition, or Ni as a dominant function, which is singularly focused on the future for themselves. This is a perceiving function, meaning it’s how they observe or take in the world. It’s also their hero function while means that they excel at it to a high degree, even when not trying. INFJs lead with this function & is what comes to “save the day” for the majority of the time.

Ni is also about finding intuitive connections, personal meaning, planning, and is tied to other concepts such as will, focus, & drive. When an INFJ really wants or desires something, they will go to the ends of the earth to get it. The INFJ is all about passion & when it’s mixed in with their Fe, it usually results in them seeking to improve their close relationships & communities.

The INFP is not as goal-focused & is teaming with options & possibilities instead. They have Extroverted Intuition which gives them a sense of prescience & able to see many roads forward. This can make it difficult for them to choose the best path for them , as the amount of options they see available are many.

The extraverted intuition function is also associated with all things woo. It’s metaphysics, it’s divination, it’s the collective unconscious and everything in between. It’s universality & that’s something they can more easily grasp than most. Finally because it’s in their parent slot, they feel responsible in using their “fortune-telling” ability to warn others of possible negative situations just around the bend.

Overall, the Ni of the INFJ is all about its desires & wants in the world. On the other hand, the INFP is about revealing options to others & looking to fulfill its personal needs rather than wants. You could say that the Ni is a burning desire or smoldering passion, while Ne is more like a flowing river or a deep ocean full of possibility & wonder.

Extroverted Feeling vs Introverted Feeling

Another equally important distinction between INFPs and INFJs is that make emotional judgments (decisions) in opposite ways.

INFJs tend to go with the crowd or take on the values of whatever group they are in because they have Extroverted Feeling parent (auxiliary function). They can become very socially aware, & know about the latest trends, who is who, and how to be empathetic towards others. They are very caring in nature and their extraverted feeling causes them to place group harmony first & foremost.

The INFJ auxiliary function of Extraverted feeling is also a “judging function” which means it’s a primary way of how they make decisions. It’s not based on their own emotions but rather other people’s emotions and what they value.

INFPs lead with a heroic Introverted Feeling function or dominant Fi, which is based on their own feelings, their own personal values, and is a strong moral compass for them. This is one of the key differences between INFP and INFJ. Furthermore, their introverted feeling allows the INFP to feel deeply & form much of their identity around their values.

The introverted feeling function is also a deciding function. However unlike the INJF’s Fe, the INFPs tend to only consult their own emotions for decision making. It’s not about the group, or others feelings, they are all about being genuine to themselves first and foremost. This is a big difference & is what makes the INFP one of the more individualistic personality types.

Overall, Fe is in regards to other people’s emotions & group Ethics. On the other hand, Fi is related to one’s own feelings & personal sense of Morals. Which one is the most empathetic? INFJ. Which one is more highly sensitive to their emotions? INFP.

Introverted Thinking vs Extroverted Thinking

When it comes to how these two personality types approach thinking, we also have a black & white contrast.

The INFJ personality type has Introverted Thinking (Ti) which is more concerned with finding the truth & coming to conclusions for themselves. They actually have extraverted thinking as a blindspot & have a difficult time with gathering consensus or coming to a conclusion thorough statistical data. Instead, their thought process is breaking down statements into true or false until they can deconstruct an issue.

More practically, an INFJ personality type might have difficulty getting out of their head due to constantly overthinking & overplanning challenges in their life. They can however enjoy solving puzzles, learning about technology, and deep diving into topics of their interest.

The INFP personality type has Extroverted Thinking (Te) which is more concerned with the external world in terms of status, statistics, consensus, or what other people think of them. That last one might surprise some as the INFP is generally very individualistic but it can be one of their achilleas heels.

In a more practical sense, the inferior Te of the INFP is good at learning things quickly by consulting books & experts in the field they’re trying to break into. They’re able to gather many inputs from the outside, create a consensus, & find efficient ways of doing things. One of their pet peeves is probably running into people who don’t place any value in common sense or burden the INFP by being perceived as incompetent, such as in a work environment.

In conclusions, these two have opposite cognitive functions across the board despite being introverted types. The INFJ personality types have Ti which decides on the best course of action using internal logic & favor accuracy over generality. The INFP functions using Te instead which is more about finding the general truth, best practices, efficiency, and finding consensus by consulting outside sources.

Extroverted Sensing vs Introverted Sensing

At first glance, the INFJ might seem shy & unassuming but they have a wildcard up their sleeve.

The INFJ functions include Extroverted Sensing which is all about being spontaneous, risk taking, living in the moment, and being quick on your toes such as with sports. INFJs rely mainly on their introverted intuition to get them through the day but when feeling aspirational or under stress, they can exhibit their inferior Se.

This extraverted sensing gives them awareness of how they come off to others & can be an insecurity such as being perfectionistic of their looks. On the other hand, they can embrace this function and become great dancers, sports players, artists, and have an outstanding fashion sense.

The INFPs exhibit less concern about their looks & prefer to dress comfortably for the majority of the time. They can also come off as a bit clumsy since they lack the Se of the INFJ. Nonetheless, the INFP has something equally beneficial, which is Introverted Sensing.

Introverted Sensing is all about perseverance, discipline, loyalty, having great memory, and being detail oriented. It’s a bit of a paradox that they value comfort so highly, yet are able to endure hardships with grace. INFPs also have a keen long-term memory & cherish many of their past memories which bring value to their life.

The main difference between INFJ and INFP sensing cognitive functions is this:

the INFJ Se is all about giving others a good experience. Being through looking good, smelling good, creating good memories with others, etc. It’s also the “now moment” & taking action!

The INFP Si is all about its own experience & the nuance of what it’s currently taking in. It also pertains to a person’s memory & mainly focused towards past experiences.

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Visual Typing An INFJ vs INFP

There are many subtypes of each personality so we can’t cover all of them here. As a generalization though, you will often find INFJs dressed casually but coordinated. Be it with matching colors, contrast, or just the right amount of flair.

Once an INFJ develops more of their Se, they can become aware of what looks good in terms of fashion & they can run in that direction. However because they have low Se, you’re not likely to see them dress too flashy or shouting fort attention.

For males INFJs, they might wear a muted color flannel, contrasting jeans, some nice brown boots, & neat facial hair with a clean haircut. A female INFJ who’s out and about on a hot day might have some distressed shorts, a colorful t-shirt, clean white sneakers & her hair neatly put up. For both, it’s just enough effort is put in to look well together without a whole lot of “look at me”. On the more extreme side, they might look or even fool some people that they are an ESTP!

The INFP is a different story because they favor their comfort. Still, there is something quite striking about them at times & that’s that they will usually incorporate some of their Fi hero into the mix. For example, they might be rocking some comfy Crocs, but insert charms that come from their favorite movies, characters, or even foods.

If lounging at home or with friends, they might have some sweatpants paired with their favorite band T, colorful jewelry, and their makeup done in a very particular way. Other INFPs are more drawn into the spiritual side of life & can be more hippie-like with flowy dresses, a natural look, and perhaps some symbolic jewelry.

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How Do I Know If I’m INFJ or INFP?

One of the most striking things about an INFP is that they can be very individualistic. They can struggle with group dynamics & can get upset when something just isn’t working right, like figuring out how to set up their TV, dealing with authority figures at work, or also being a team leader themselves.

A big differentiator between INFP & INFJ is also that INFPs tend to have analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing just about anything. It can be choosing a place to eat, what movie to watch, or what color to paint their hair. The INFJ is typically more sure of themselves when it comes to choosing what they want as its their hero function.

INFJs and INFPs also approach thinking very differently. If you’re an INFJ, you’re going to be more concerned about being accurate in your logical assessments, without needing someone else to tell you how to come to your own conclusion. The INFP is more likely to listen to authorities, experts, and take into account studies or statistics.

Finally, if you’re very clumsy, you might be an INFP. INFPs have extraverted sensing blindspot and often drop stuff, bump into things, or occasionally go out with their shirt inside out. The INFJ can also be like that but can get better at a much quicker rate. If you were to pit both of them together in a ping-pong match, the INFJ would likely aspire to come out on top once their Se reflex start to kick in.

In this video we see Sigourney Weaver in her younger years, shortly after the release of the iconic horror film Aliens. She is clearly an INFJ believe it or not:

Here is an interview of an Morrisey who is an INFP. He expresses how he feels about change in his hometown, reminisces of past memories, and talks about the struggle of choosing a future place to live.

Are These Two Personality Types Compatible?


These two types make great friends that can be inseparable. They simply get each other & can there’s never a dull moment.


We’ve seen this pair in business & they can be quite brilliant, especially considering all 8 cognitive functions are available. The INFP can aspire with their Te & provide great ideas using their Ne. The INFJ on the other hand can be good at getting others on board & providing a great experience through their product or service.


These two types make a great pairing & have the second highest romantic compatibility for their types. This is what is considered a golden pair & has strong undertones of respect for both of them.

Finally, everyone’s needs & wants are met because of their opposite functions. The Ne provides for the Ni, The Fi provides for the Fe, and so on. Highly recommended.

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INFJ vs INFP Frequently Asked Questions

Are INFJs or INFPs better?

They have completely opposite cognitive functions, so it really depends. The INFJ might be better at doing a kickflip on a skateboard or the INFP might better read on business practices. The INFJ might be a great planner & future-based thinker but the INFP can learn from past mistakes & roll with the punches of life better.

Can an INFJ be mistaken for an INFP?

Yes at first glance an INFJ may be mistaken for an INFP. This is mainly because of their introversion but they actually tend to act differently once you get to know them. There’s a big difference in how they dress & present themselves overall.

Are INFJs or INFPs more emotional?

They are both emotional but in different ways. The INFP has Fi hero which makes them very aware of their own emotions, values, & moral compass.

The Fe parent of the INFJ however, is more about being empathetic to others, having social awareness, and maintaining group harmony.

What are the struggles of INFP vs INFJ?

The struggles of INFPs and INFJs are similar but different, yet they both come from their inferior functions.

The INFJ has trouble with things like going with the flow, thinking on their feet, and being spontaneous.

The INFP however, will typically have more trouble just fitting in. They might have trouble balancing their own values with that of the group, all while being as efficient as possible or feeling like they’re being competent.

Which personality is closest to INFP?

The ENFP personality type is closest to the INFP. They share the same functions but in a slightly different order. You could say that the ENFP is a more outgoing INFP but that’s only a surface level observation.

What personality type is closest to INFJ?

The ENFJ personality type is closest to the INFJ. Again, they share the same functions but in a slightly different order. You could say that the ENFJ is a more outgoing INFJ but they are different in more ways than one.

What is the opposite of INFP?

The opposite of an INFP is the ESTJ. These two types share the same functions but in reverse order which means they don’t actually get along very well. This is because the hero of one will overshadow the inferior of the other & vice versa.

INFP (Fi Ne Si Te) vs ESTJ (Te Si Ne Fi)

On a more positive note, the ENFJ is also an opposite as the INFP. In this case though, the functions are simply flipped which actually means they have the highest compatibility.

INFP (Fi Ne Si Te) vs ENFJ (Fe Ni Se Ti)

Do INFP & INFJ get along?

Yes, these two personality types are are what’s known as a golden pair and have the 2nd highest compatibility. They don’t share any of their functions and thus are very close to a Yin & Yang type of balance. Whatever one is seeking in a person, the other is likely to have it in just the right amount. It’s a very respectful type of relationship.

INFP (Fi Ne Si Te) vs INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se)

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