Cognitive Functions – Extroverted Intuition Ne

Ne or Extroverted Intuition, is a cognitive function that’s associated with creativity & understanding. Ne is an extroverted perceiving function that primarily deals with the ability to observe a multitude of perspectives.

One of the biggest advantages of extroverted intuition is the ability to understand symbology, tropes or archetypes, and see the interconnectedness of it all.

On a different note, Ne is all about developing desirability & fulfilling its own needs. This is in contrast to introverted intuition (Ni) which is all about desiring & seeking out its wants.

In this article we’ll discuss Ne in-depth, what it is, who has it, and how it manifests in the real world.

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What Is Extroverted Intuition & What Does It Look Like

Ne is largely focused on exploring the possibilities & potentials of the outside world, producing creative new ideas, and connecting seemingly unconnected pieces of knowledge.

People with a prominent extroverted intuition function are naturally inquisitive, imaginative, and open-minded. They enjoy experimenting with new ideas and possibilities and are frequently regarded as creative or innovative.

They may have a tendency to hop from one thought to the next, examining a wide range of choices before settling on a certain course of action.

If this function was to be associated with an element, it would be water. It’s formless, all encompassing, and ever-changing. Think of philosophies such as Zen & Stoicism, although more Si based, have an extroverted intuition core which is about being fluid.

Ne users tend to “go with the flow” and are easy going in comparison to Ni users which have more of a “my way or the highway” attitude. Back to the Zen example, remember that there is no “better” way, only balance.

Examples of Ne

Alpha quadra users such as ENTP & INTP tend to use their extroverted intuition as a way to feed their introverted thinking. They are more facts-based and are able to connect various pieces of knowledge to uncover underlying meaning. With these logic-based abstractions, they are able to then build systems & optimize them to a high degree.

Delta quadra on the other hand, such as ENFP & INFP use the function a bit differently. These types are introverted feelers and rely more on their sense of good/bad instead of true/false. NFP types tend to use Ne to delve deeper into universal understandings via mysticism & spirituality.

Extroverted intuition users can be witty & have the ability to tap into the collective unconscious. This combination can result in some hilarious memes. It all comes from their observations & understanding of archetypes. At times it can be difficult to decipher why something is funny but you can’t help but laugh at the connections being made!

Ne also plays a big part in business as it can be seen as a transference of needs & desires. ESTJs with their Te hero & Ne child for example, can be great at figuring out what people want & creating a product or service that fulfills that want.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Ne


Those with strong extroverted intuition are often creative and innovative. They are great at identifying archetypes or tropes & using them to synthesize new possibilities. This can also come in the form of creative solutions that have not been thought of before.


They tend to be open to new experiences & ideas, which makes them great at exploring different possibilities. With this open mindedness, also comes deeper understanding as they are able to see various perspectives before coming to a conclusion.


They are able to adapt to new situations and environments, making them flexible and able to handle change. Users with high Ne are more “go with the flow” attitude and are adaptable. On the other hand, users with high Si & low Ne can be more resistant to change & cling more to tradition.

Lack of focus & Organization

Because they are able to see more possibilities and outcomes, they can have difficulty focusing on a single path forward. Overall they can suffer from a lack of direction or sticking to a single path in the long term.

High Ne means having low Si, which is the function responsible for organization. Ne users might be great at coming up with new ideas but difficult sorting them out & organizing them for ease of recall. This can also tie into developing routines or sticking to them, essentially discipline.

Difficulty Communicating

NTP & NFP types are highly intuitive & their insights can be difficult to put into words or communicated effectively. Similar to Ni users, they can have hunches & understandings about how something is related. Yet unable to write or speak these ideas coherently in a concrete way.

Lack of Physical Awareness

Both NTP & NFP types lack physical awareness (extroverted sensing), as they are Si users, and have either Se blindspot or Se demon. This can result in them being unaware of their physical environment & being prone to accidents or getting hurt more easily.

In another sense, it’s not being aware of how they come off to others. This could be in terms of their appearance or hygiene, but also in the experiences they are giving to others unknowingly.

Relation To Introverted Sensing Si

Extroverted intuition is on an axis with Introverted Sensing, meaning that if you have one, then you also have the other. Furthermore, these two functions work in conjunction with each other.

Below are two examples from those in the Delta Quadra, INFP & ESTJ, and how their Ne/Si axis operates.

Fortune could be tied back to Ni, but INFPs are typically portrayed as Fortune tellers. This makes sense because they have Ne parent and are able to offer a sense of prescience & word of caution. This prescience or knowledge of the future comes not only from Ne, but also from their Si child. Si is aware of the past and so from speaking to countless other people, they can remember their predicaments & results which are most likely to happen.

In this 2nd example, we have an ESTJ stock broker or day trader who has Si parent & Ne child.

Let’s say the ESTJ has a hunch on a winning stock or has an intuitive prediction on where the market will go. They likely wouldn’t take action just on intuition alone however.  This prediction would be informed strongly by their Si after looking at extensive historical data, past trends, and concrete statistical evidence. Only when the numbers showed a definitive trend would they proceed with the trade.

Which Personality Types Have Extroverted Intuition Ne

Alpha Quadra:

ENTP (Ne Ti Fe Si)

Ne heroes like the ENTP are always processing Ti facts & combining them with their Ne to uncover a deeper meaning. This could be related to things, people, society, and life as a whole. Archetypes & theoretical knowledge are second nature to these types, although they tend to be more scatter-brained.

INTP (Ti Ne Si Fe)

Ne parent is a bit more restrained or responsible with their intuitive observations & is more systems based. Think of how Carl Jung who was an INTP managed to uncover the intuitive concepts you are reading about now. Also consider how with the help of his Si child, was able to organize it all into a coherent map of the mind.

ESFJ (Fe Si Ne Ti)

The Ne child of an ESFJ is very optimistic & they are constantly offering new options to others. It’s a constant question of “do you want this?” or “do you want that?” and they intuitively understand the desires of others. Their Si parent is also very dutiful, loyal, and values tradition.

ISFJ (Si Fe Ti Ne)

These types are afraid of change & “what could be”, but can also aspire to become the most desirable or prescient at times. The Ne can manifest as fear of possibilities, which is one of the main themes of the movie franchise “Final Destination”.

Delta Quadra:

ENFP (Ne Fi Te Si)

This Ne hero type has a strong understanding of how everything is interconnected on an intuitive level. This is often paired with their Fi parent which gives them strong values while allowing others to be just who they are. Their Si can cause struggles with maintaining consistency & discipline, but they can be extremely loyal.

INFP (Fi Ne Si Te)

Those with Ne parent are well aware of what others want, however they can be critical of their own desires. They are generally more balanced in their observations between Ne & Si and are more concerned with their own emotions while being perceived as competent.

ESTJ (Te Si Ne Fi)

The Ne child here is optimistic & coupled with their Si parent, they are well aware of their own needs, boundaries, & the desires of others. They are not afraid to make an intuitive jump in logic, however it must be backed up by extensive historical data.

ISTJ (Si Te Fi Ne)

Si heroes are like elephants that never forget. They are loyal & dutiful by nature, however to continue the analogy, their Ne is like a mouse that spooks the Si. They can be fearful of using their Ne, such as jumping to conclusions or accepting change, but can also aspire to uncover deeper meaning & understanding in life.

Signs That You Might Be an Extroverted Intuitive

1. You’re interested in things like metaphysics, which might include things like crystals, candles, divination etc.

2. You consider yourself deeply spiritual or enjoy exploring topics related to mysticism or the occult.

3. You can make sense of & understand the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

4. You feel responsible to warn others of the consequences of their actions.

5. You can see all the different paths available for others to take, but have difficulty choosing one for yourself.

6. You consider yourself to have good pattern recognition.

7. You’re good at giving gifts because you understand what the receivers really want.

8. If you’re a movie buff, you can easily predict all of the tropes & how the movie will end.


Overall we covered what extroverted intuition is and gave a couple of examples. It’s essentially being able to see consequences of action, understanding symbols & archetypes, as well as awareness of infinite possibility.

Ne is also attributed to the element of water as it’s a formless type of function. This means that it molds to the introverted intuition or desires of others, which makes it a function that can cultivate desirability.

It’s also related to creativity & open mindedness, as well as abstract thought and theoretical possibility. Both NTP & NFP types have this function in their top 2 function slots (hero or parent).

Finally when it comes to NTPs (INTP or ENTP), this function works to connect related ideas, tropes, and helps to gather observations which aid in building up their introverted thinking.

For NFPs (INFP or ENFP), extroverted intuition helps to refine their moral compass and their role within the metaphysical universe.

We hope you found this article insightful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below & we’ll try our best to answer it. Thanks!

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