Cognitive Functions – Extroverted Sensing Se

Extroverted sensing, or Se, is an extroverted observing function. It’s a function closely linked with “living in the moment”, performance, attention-seeking, and the practical applications of physics.

In this article we discuss what Se is, signs that you might have Se, and its relation to the function of Ni. We will also list every type that has extroverted sensing and how it manifests in their lives.

Read on to learn if you or your peers have this attention-seeking function of Se!

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What Is Extroverted Sensing and What Does It Look Like?

Extroverted sensing is an observer function based on the outside world. Se users are often mechanically inclined & active. They have the potential to master crafts and skills such as gymnastics, guitar, motorcycle riding, or anything sports related.

Because of their keen senses, Se users are particular about appearances, scent, and tastes. They may judge people or establishments that pay no attention to the sensory experience. These types try to give others good experiences, have good taste, and know a thing or two about fashion & the visual arts.

Examples Of Se

You Take Things As They Come

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Se users like to take things as they come, and can mistake planning for overly-structured and rule-ridden, which inhibits their freedom of choice.

Extreme sports

Se users are adrenaline junkies. Mountain climbing, skydiving, racing cars blindfolded, there is no challenge an Se hero won’t take on!


Whether it is as a musician, actor, comedian, or stunt man, performance arts are done best with Se. This ability comes from the Se users desire to give others good experiences and to show off their skills.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Se

Always Tuned Into The Moment

“Look at that sky!” An Se user is so good at taking in the moment that they seem to be in a beautiful world of their own. While introverted sensors and intuitives might have a difficult time tuning out of their internal world, an Se user has peak awareness of the NOW.

Life Of The Party

Because Se users have an apt for performance, these types can attract attention to themselves quite easily. They may be considered the “life of the party” Whether you’re the funny guy, the guitar guy, or the jock, these popular tropes all tout Se.

Quick Reflexes

Because of the Se users’ sense of spatial awareness, they can’t be caught by surprise too easily. This skill is particularly useful in self defense, where they can be quicker and stealthier than their opponent. You can also see these types zooming through traffic in their sports cars or motorcycles.

Lack Planning and Foresight

Se users may engage in risky behaviors and lifestyles. They have a habit of impulsivity that can disrupt their life in the long term. This can be due to the lower amounts of planning that come from Ni, but also the disregard of the Ne function that’s tied to awareness of consequences.

Averse To Commitments

Se users like to keep their options open. This means that they take their time entering serious relationships, choosing a career path, or taking on long term goals.

Additionally, high Se users may have a higher quantity of surface-level friendships than quality relationships. This is partly due to the constant seeking of novelty & not being quite in tune with knowing exactly what they “Ni” want.

Lack Intuitive Awareness

While the sensory awareness of an Se user might give them many benefits in society and survival, these types lack intuition. They might miss what others can see a mile away, lack a sense of spiritual meaning, and have a difficult time turning inward and knowing themselves.

They may only believe in what they can physically see, not respect intuitive concepts (such as what we’re talking about here), nor value the spiritual and/or religious experiences of others.

Relation To Introverted Intuition Ni

All Se users also have introverted intuition, abbreviated as Ni, which is directly linked to an individuals’ own desires, plans, and future.

When Se is high in an individual’s function stack, such as with the ESTP, ISTP, ESFP, and ISFP, these types may be so keen on living in the moment they don’t always make the smartest long term decisions. These types may be impulsive or be blind to the consequences of their actions;

One wrong decision may cost them greatly. They may be insistent upon exercising their will any chance they get, for fear of being controlled. They may even avoid thinking about the future at all costs.

Ni heroes and parents face a different struggle; When Se is lower in an individual’s stack, they may have performance anxieties. Sudden changes in plans or surprises may also be anxiety inducing. Large crowds and noisy situations tire them out quickly, as their processing of Se is slower than that of a higher Se user.

Se carries the ability to adapt to one’s surroundings, but Ni is primarily centered around planning and anticipating their future. Ni heroes may become irritable because the physical realm will not bend to the will of the individual.

Ultimately, Ni doms may even develop a highly solipsistic and apophenic view of the world by ignoring the sensory. Se might be seen as the villainous chaos imposed upon the Ni user’s structured yet abstract intuitive world. Finally, they can spend more time planning & daydreaming than actually executing on their grandiose plans.

Which Personality Types Have Extroverted Sensing Se

Beta Quadra

ESTP (Se Ti Fe Ni)

Se heroes like the ESTP are the type to light their hair on fire! They thrive in exciting situations such as motorcycle riding, extreme sports, and are inclined to be adrenaline junkies.

Their senses are keen & they are hyper-aware of what everyone around them is constantly doing, which makes them very “external” people.

Finally, they’re all about experiencing new things & sharing them with others. On the downside, this endless seeking of the next exciting thing can leave them a bit unfocused in other areas of their life.

ISTP (Ti Se Ni Fe)

The Se parent is still very sharp but not as reckless as the Hero, in this sense, they are more responsible. ISTPs still long for sensory experiences & can often be seen driving Jeeps, going camping, rock climbing, and many of them simply enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from experiences, they are also great with aesthetics, fashion sense, and can make great designers, photographers, and even excel in the realm of music.

ENFJ (Fe Ni Se Ni)

The Se child, sees the world’s endless experiences & wants to share them all. They are constantly seeking novelty, whether that be a new ice cream flavor, a new movie, or even meeting new people.

These types also lean towards musical performance, as well as diving into the more social aspects of photography & design.

INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se)

The Se inferior, is more like an infant that requires much less attention but still values it highly. People of this type can come off as shy because of their insecurity related to Se. This means that they tend to be hyper-aware of the experiences they give off to others & so tread very carefully.

When people of this type aspire with their Se, you can find them getting into martial arts, musical performance, skateboarding, or even motorsports.

Additionally they can have a great sense of aesthetics, fashion sense, and are typically seen dressed very well in an almost perfectionistic way.

Gamma Quadra

ESFP (Se Fi Te Ni)

ESFP’s are often the clown in the group. They love making impulse trips to the club, bar, or dinner. These types have a laid back & free temperament, and love to make others laugh.

When it comes to their establishments, ESFP’s maintain the status quo of high quality, style, and experience. Whether it’s a 5 star salon, tattoo shop, or art gallery, ESFP’s blend quality and sophistication with just the right amount of edge from their Fi parent.

ISFP (Fi Se Ni Te)

Although the Se parent of the ISFP is pessimistic, the ISFP can use this function to bring their artistic vision to life. This can mean performing their music and displaying their skillset, or even honing in on their own unique style.

Whether it’s through art, design, or videography, It’s through extroverted sensing that the ISFP observes, creates and shares beauty in the world.

ENTJ (Te Ni Se Fi)

ENTJ’s have Se child. These types are frivolous and expressive, choosing to wear bright colored and expensive shoes or accessories. They seem to never run out of energy, and can work from sun up to sun down.

These types may also have a knack for creating a positive experience for others, and enjoy sharing their successes and luxuries. These types are very particular with quality and never settle for anything less than the best!

INTJ (Ni Te Fi Se)

Se is the lowest function in an INTJ’s stack, meaning that it can be the antithesis to their Ni until they learn to embrace it. Much like the INFJ, these types may go the extra mile to smell and look good for others, while also not having a high tolerance for sensory stimulation.

The INTJ can also combine their Te parent with Se to develop mechanical awareness, making them skilled in things such as fixing cars. An INTJ might take up hobbies such as hiking, dancing, or performing comedy. They can achieve competency in many skills relatively quickly, however must practice everyday in order to maintain.

Signs You Might Be An Extroverted Sensor

1. You enjoy being the center of attention

2.You’re more focused on the now instead of what could be or what was.

3. You prefer to obligate others.

4. You notice smells, tastes, sounds, sights, and sensations before anyone else.

5. You like to keep your options open.

6. You wonder why everyone else is in a trance.


Se, or extroverted sensing, is an observer function related to the external sensory experience. Se users have a keen awareness for their surroundings and prefer to live in the moment.

A downside of these types is the inability to connect dots or draw conclusions using intuition. Se is on an axis with Ni, meaning all Se users also have Ni. These two functions provide balance in an individual’s cognition.

Se users are often adrenaline junkies, and like to take on extreme sports. They also have value giving off a great sensory experience, through fashion, perfumes, comfort, and art.

Who do you know with extroverted sensing?

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