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Fe, or extroverted feeling, is a judging function focused primarily on the ethics of a group and empathy. Fe users are great at making sure everyone is feeling good and having a good time.

Manners, kindness, and hugs are also very important to Fe users. Extroverted feeling is used very often in society and the world. In this article we will discuss the nuances and inner meaning of Fe and which types have it.

extroverted feeling Fe a group of people coming together as community

What Is Extroverted Feeling & What Does It Look Like

Fe is concerned with ethics– right and wrong provided by an external source, namely the general consensus. This function differs from Fi, because Fi is an individual’s own sense of good and bad.

Fe is an affiliative function that often places value on the greater good. You often see Fe at group gatherings where people are eating, chatting, and drinking. Think of family functions like weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Fe users’ feelings are based on the primary feeling of the group.

Fe users get excited when everyone else is excited, or scared when everyone else is scared. Because of this, Fe users often go out of their way to make others happy. They might have trouble discerning how they feel individually.

Examples of Fe

Throwing A Party

Fe users are the glue that keeps a family together, they host parties, make a delicious dinner, and make sure everyone has everything they need to have a good time. They love the validation they get from making others feel good. Be sure to tell the Fe users in your life thank you and give them a hug!

Having Many Friends

You only have to meet an Fe user once and they will say hi to you every time they see you. These people always seem to “know a guy” and can get VIP treatment because of their social creds. They support their friends’ endeavors and get a sense of pride from who they know. Whether they are in line to get into the club, or making small talk with the new girl at work, they can make friends with virtually anyone.

Knowing All The Latest Trends

“Did you see the new Avengers movie?” “Did you hear that Angela is getting married?”

Fe users always know what’s new, what’s in, and what’s lame. They love to watch the newest summer blockbuster, film themselves doing the latest social media challenge, and sharing the trending memes.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Fe

Always Know The Right Thing To Say

When you are with an Fe user, it’s best to let them do all the talking. If the room gets quiet or someone commits a social faux pas, they can fix it right up with a joke or change the subject  without breaking a sweat. Social outings are never awkward for the Fe user.

You Can Talk About Your Feelings With Them

Your Fe user is the best person to discuss your feelings with. They will lend you their shoulder to cry on, and can help you feel better. Because Fe users need to talk about their problems to feel better, they make time to see their friends regularly to catch up and talk about what’s been bothering them.

They’ll Always Be There For You

An Fe user will be right there with you as you go through your hard times. They will be there to give you a hug, invite you somewhere fun, or help you in your time of need.


Because of their need to discuss their feelings, Fe users often engage in gossip. This can mean talking about other people, being a fake friend, or secretly disliking someone. If they needed to, they could use their social status to turn the tribe against someone they did not like. The movie Mean Girls is an example of Fe gone wrong.

Favor The Greater Good Over The Truth

Many times the truth is uncomfortable. An Fe user is often willing to put the truth aside to avoid rocking the boat. This might mean enabling a problematic family member, or disregarding facts and figures in the name of what is socially acceptable.


Not everyone is appreciative or accepting of the value that an Fe user brings to their lives. Fe users can be subject to enabling, or being taken advantage of because they love to help those who they care about. They can have a difficult time establishing healthy boundaries because of their lack of Fi – or introverted feeling.

Relation To Introverted Thinking Ti

Fe users also have Ti to keep themselves in check. An Fe hero might have a difficult time speaking their truths or might refrain from learning, whereas a Ti hero might feel alienated from the group because their thoughts differ from what is commonly accepted.

People with Ti and Fe in the middle are better at balancing the two, and can talk logically when necessary, and be kind and gentle to have their words accepted by others.

Which Personality Types Have Extroverted Feeling Fe

Alpha Quadra

ESFJ (Fe Si Ne Ti)

The Fe hero of the ESFJ is someone who can take care of many people at once. They might throw a party for an entire soccer team, or be in charge of planning the family reunion. ESFJ’s are a bit chaotic, but they make great mom’s, nurses, and cooks. They love to bring people together, and create a comfortable home for their families.

ISFJ (Si Fe Ti Ne)

The Fe parent of the ISFJ is more subdued than an ESFJ’s Fe. An ISFJ is more inclined to only take care of their immediate family’s needs, and not go overboard. They are friendly when you talk to them, but they are not outgoing by nature. ISFJ’s might do a half smile when they pass you in the hallway, because not acknowledging you would be rude. They also enjoy watching the latest TV dramas and then talking about them at work.

ENTP (Ne Ti Fe Si)

The Fe Child of the ENTP is the type to offer you a hug or a cookie when you are sad. They like to talk to people and can make themselves new friends in no time. They don’t mind making small talk yet can be confident when speaking their mind.

INTP (Ti Ne Si Fe)

An INTP using their Fe is a rare occasion. They are typically uncomfortable around people that they do not know. At a party, they might smile and say hello, but gravitate towards the couch and spend the majority of the time alone. It might help them to go with people they already know to help them ease into the social sphere. However, when they are around people they are comfortable with, they become more confident, using their Fe in a more optimistic way.

Beta Quadra

ENFJ (Fe Ni Se Ti)

The Fe hero of the ENFJ makes them popular and super friendly. They have a lot of friends and are active in their families lives. They go out of their way to make sure everyone is included, and love getting together with friends for drinks, a movie, or a concert. ENFJ’s are also great performers and can be talented musicians, dancers, and influencers.

INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se)

Similar to the ISFJ’s, INFJ’s are quiet souls. With their Fe parent, they care deeply for those around them but don’t typically have a large number of friends to upkeep. INFJ’s like to make social chit chat regarding popular trends, shows, and music. They like to spend time with their significant others or families doing fun things.

ESTP (Se Ti Fe Ni)

The Fe child of an ESTP likes to entertain others. They might act goofy and dance, or go out of their way to make others laugh. They often initiate chat with strangers and can get on anyone’s good side. These people can be very charismatic and fun to be around.

ISTP (Ti Se Ni Fe)

Social validation is really important for ISTP’s. They can be subject to peer pressure in groups but are also quiet and friendly types. They like to use their logic and smarts to educate and help others.

Signs That You Might Be an Extroverted Feeler

1. You feel happy when those around you are happy.

2. You want to make others feel better.

3. You know what is socially appropriate and cringe when others make social faux pas.

4. You go out of your way to put a smile on others’ faces.

5. You feel better after talking to a friend about your problems.

6. You ask other people how they “feel” about certain topics.

7. You value fairness when making decisions involving others.

8. You can pick up on the emotions of others or identify as an empath.


Fe is social awareness, ethics, and empathy. It is concerned with right and wrong as it applies to the group. Fe users like to be around others and can pick up on the “vibe” very well. Fe users are also typically friendly, outgoing, and caring. They can make friends with strangers and have a good grasp of trends and gossip. Are you an Fe user? Do you have an Fe user friend or family member?

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