Cognitive Functions – Introverted Feeling Fi

Fi, or introverted feeling, is an individual’s personal sense of right and wrong. It is a judging function, meaning they make decisions based on their Fi. An Fi user seeks to develop their own moral compass to guide them throughout their lives.

They have a strong sense of self worth, principles, and defend their boundaries. They also love to express their unique outlook on life through their music, art, and other creative endeavors. So, which types have Fi? How can I know if I have Fi? What does Fi look like in the real world? All of these questions about introverted feeling will be answered below!

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What Is Introverted Feeling & What Does It Look Like

In one word, Fi is morality. Morality is principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Fi users use their internal moral compass to judge the world. Fi users process their feelings alone, and typically have many outlets for doing so.

Fi is not to be confused with Fe! Fe is ethics, which is a tribe function. It is concerned with what the group, or society deems ethically acceptable.

In the world, Fi users are commonly (not always) seen as:

  • Interior designers
  • Fashion designers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Your angsty teenage sister
  • A tarot reader or mystic teacher
  • Your boss

Examples of Fi

Buying premium

Treat yo’self! Fi users might buy organic fruit, live in an upscale apartment, or buy an expensive gadget. This is because they like to feel like a million bucks. They do it only for themselves to feel good.

Sense of Self Worth

If you cross an Fi user, they will not like you. A high Fi user would even stand up for themselves against anyone if you offended them. They tend to disregard social status and demand respect from everyone.

Moral judgment

Fi users have a keen sense of what is right and what is wrong. That being said, their judgements do not always line up with what society accepts as right or wrong. For example, an Fi user might let a homeless person ride the bus even if he cannot pay, or even steal for someone in need. This, of course, largely depends on the individual.

Throughout their life, an Fi user also develops strong personal principles. For example: to never lie, steal, or to always help others in need. This is the moral compass that the Fi user is always seeking to complete. Think about it like a personal version of the 10 commandments.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Fi


Self importance

Fi users might feel that society should conform to their values of what they think is right. Not sharing their values might be regarded as disrespect to them. High Fi users might also be averse to a rank structure, and not like to be told what to do.


Fi users also like to feel more important than other people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless they go out of their way to make others feel bad about themselves. They might have excessive pride in themselves, even if they are in fact quite ordinary. Driving the nicest car, making the most money, having the most lovers… depending on their surroundings Fi users like to be at the top of the food chain.


Lend a helping hand

Because of their moral acuity, they will help others in need. A neighbor who needs assistance, visiting an old family member, giving a stranger some water. These small acts of kindness fuel a cycle of positivity in the world.


Fi heroes and parents can be very kind towards those who are struggling. This is because they know how difficult emotions can be, and they understand what others are going through from personal experience. Once they learn to use their Fi in a positive way, Fi users can even teach others the best ways to process your feelings. They might give advice on meditation, art, or recovery.

Innately artistic

Fi users are easy to spot. They express their feelings through everything from their clothes, to their home decor. When you visit their home, it has a distinct vibe that is based off of their Fi. They always seem to know just what they are looking for in terms of color, texture, and vibe.

Relation To Extroverted Thinking Te

Every type that has Fi also has Te. Te is what is known as Extroverted thinking, which is the awareness of social hierarchies and systems within the world and human sociology.

The types that have Fi higher than Te, are not going to have the same struggles as the types with Te higher than Fi. For example, let us compare the INFP and the ESTJ:

The INFP has Fi hero and Te inferior, that means this type has high values and is insecure about their status. They are incredibly individualistic and go against the grain. They might feel resentment towards people who have a higher status, but seek more of it for themselves.

The ESTJ has the opposite problem. With Te hero and Fi inferior, they can work their whole life for their company or position, and neglect their personal morals. They might even go far to protect their feelings. They want other people to think so highly of them that they will struggle behind the scenes in order to achieve that.

Which Personality Types Have Introverted Feeling Fi

There are four slots, or temperaments of the ego. They are Hero, Parent, Child, and Inferior. Depending on the type, their Fi will display in different ways. Here is what Fi might look like in each type who has it in their ego.

Gamma Quadra

ISFP (Fi Se Ni Te)

Fi Hero of the ISFP is an individual who just wants to be left alone to express themselves. They struggle to have a normal life in society because of their Te inferior and Ti demon. They often do not value school, or traditional ways of living like getting a job. They can be alone all day writing, painting or singing. They live in a world on their own that reflects their innermost feelings.

ESFP (Se Fi Te Ni)

Fi Parent of the ESFP is patient when listening to others talk about their struggles. They are also well liked by the group with their Fe critic. The Fi parent likes to treat themselves, take the day off to paint or express themselves, might dye their hair a new color, or get a new tattoo that they feel is representative of their identity.

INTJ (Ni Te Fi Se)

Fi Child of the INTJ likes to get ice cream or snacks to feel good. They also like to buy new things, or indulge in hobbies they like. Fi child can be quite stubborn in social situations because of their Fe blindspot and can struggle to realize that others can have differing values or morals than their own. Overall they have a strong sense of right & wrong, however it can be difficult for them to express their emotions on the spot. They may require some alone time to process their feelings & get to the bottom of what they truly value.

ENTJ (Te Ni Se Fi)

Fi Inferior of the ENTJ is difficult to spot. This type is very keen on perceptions and good impressions. If you open up to them they might write you a letter or say thank you in subtle ways through their actions. When their Fi is developed, they can become great artists. Learning to be vulnerable is very important for these types as they can be overly protective of their innermost feelings.

Delta Quadra

INFP (Fi Ne Si Te)

The Fi hero of the INFP likes to indulge in things that make them feel good. This might be a thermos filled with warm hot coffee or a Chanel perfume. Paired with their Si child, it is all about comfort for these types. If you see someone with crocs and a bun, they might be an INFP. These types have a strong sense of identity, are individualistic, and live their lives according to their moral compass.

ENFP (Ne Fi Te Si)

Fi Parent of the ENFP is a chaotic creative. They might get lost in their minds while painting a forest on their door, or might want to become a counselor to help others overcome their hardships. They encourage creativity in others, and enjoy sharing their arts, crafts, and poetry.

ISTJ (Si Te Fi Ne)

Fi Child of the ISTJ likes to snack on candy, ice cream, and indulge in a child-like manner. They also help others in need by helping them solve their problems. They might like to relax on a friday night with a cold beer and some of their favorite music to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

ESTJ (Te Si Ne Fi)

Fi Inferior of the ESTJ can be hard to spot. They don’t typically show their Fi inferiors and they might even have anger issues. Remember that their feelings are like a baby, so ESTJs have soft spots in their hearts. They might adore their pet pomeranian, Fluffy, or taking their kids out to get ice cream with their Ne child. They might look big and tough on the outside but are squishy on the inside.

7 Signs That You Might Be an Introverted Feeler

1. You don’t like it when others disagree with your values.

2. You like to feel good about yourself first and foremost.

3. You like to feel significant and be thought of highly.

4. You don’t feel like everyone is equal, some people might be worth more in your eyes.

5. If you feel something is right or wrong, you will go against the grain of what others think.

6. You love to express your feelings through your clothes or art.

7. You are all about being genuine & seek the same in others. Fake people might put you off.


Fi, or introverted feeling, refers to a person’s unique sense of right and wrong. A Fi user strives to create their own moral compass to serve as their guidance throughout life. They vigorously uphold their limits and have a strong sense of self-worth. Additionally, they enjoy using their music, artwork, and other artistic outlets to share their distinct worldview. Do you have Fi? Or perhaps a loved one of yours uses Fi? Hopefully now you can understand the Fi users in your life better.

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