MBTI Cognitive Functions

Explore the core of MBTI with our comprehensive section on the 8 cognitive functions, the building blocks of personality that shape our perceptions & decision-making. Discover how these mental processes operate within each personality type to influence behavior, drive interactions, and foster personal growth in diverse and intricate ways.

introverted sensing Si lone oak tree in a field

Cognitive Functions – Introverted Sensing Si

Introverted Sensing, or “Si” for short, is a cognitive function directly related to an individual’s experience in the world. Oddly enough, this function also heavily relates to the long term memory and the past of an individual or collective. Furthermore, the function is tied to discipline, endurance, and patience. Si is an observing function, meaning

introverted feeling Fi paint brush & pallet

Cognitive Functions – Introverted Feeling Fi

Fi, or introverted feeling, is an individual’s personal sense of right and wrong. An Fi user seeks to develop their own moral compass to guide them throughout their lives, are you one of them?

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