Cognitive Functions – Introverted Intuition Ni

Ni or Introverted Intuition, is a cognitive function that can be difficult to notice in others. Ni is an introverted perceiving function, and is future based.

The biggest advantages to people who master this function is seeing the best possibilities for an individual’s future and being able to create a better life for themselves.

They are all about freedom of choice & seek out the best path forward for themselves. They can be high achievers and can impress those who are close to them because of how much they are able to manifest within their lives.

Introverted intuition encompasses many aspects such as will, determination, focus, & intent.

On its downside, it can turn into forms of solipsism, disregard for consequences, & inaction due to its axis with extroverted sensing.

In this article we’ll discuss Ni in-depth, what it is, who has it, and what it looks like in the real world.

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What Is Introverted Intuition & What Does It Look Like

Ni is a desire generator & constantly seeking its ideal wants with fire & zeal. In the Ni user’s mind, this function acts as a simulation of best possible outcomes & paths to take, which end in taking action to make it real.

Like all introverts, Ni dominant users can often have a spaced out look when they are pondering their future such as the next step to take. They often work best alone and without the distractions of the sensory world.

Ni is different from Ne (extroverted intuition) in the way that Ni has a tunnel vision on the user’s future.

Extroverted intuition on the other hand, is more attuned to archetypes, tropes, & history (via Si) so is therefore better at predicting the futures of others.

High Ni users often have a strong life’s purpose or at the very least are aware of their one true path forward.

Examples of Ni

Ni is often represented by the game of chess. Ni users are always looking one step ahead & projecting outcomes. For Ni dominant users (first 2 function slots/Hero or Parent) Their intuition is always tied to their individual self and meaning.

ENTJ’s can utilize their Te (extroverted thinking) & Ni parent to create effective businesses that affect many people & can offer similar opportunities for others to achieve.

On the other hand, an INFJ can have their Ni hero locked onto serving others when it’s paired up with their Fe (extroverted feeling) parent. In this case, their absolute purpose becomes bettering humanity as a whole through empathy. It’s the introverted intuition that makes it relentless.

On the downside, an Ni user might get frustrated when something is not working the way that it should in physical reality.

For example, if they were vacuuming the house (totally in their heads) and the cord gets stuck under the couch, an Ni hero might not have the patience to inspect further & untangle it.

They might instead, just yank on the cord to force it through and break something else, causing unintended consequences. This is an example of Ni overpowering Se. In other words, forcing the sensory world to bend to their will. It doesn’t always go well!

Strengths & Weaknesses of Ni

Highly intuitive

Ni optimistic might see life as a game, or a puzzle to be uncovered. The more things that resonate with their goals, the more sure they are that they’re on the right path. Their life is full of synchronicity, and they can find personal meaning in seemingly mundane occurrences.

Ni users are often considered lucky, but really they are blessed with the ability to make positive things happen for themselves. The concept of Ni is linked to the element of fire, being burning will or desire.

Sniper Rifle Focus

When an Ni user sees the path they want, everything else in their lives gets put on the back burner. They can become possessed towards accomplishing an outcome, and will only perform tasks that assist in serving that outcome or desire.

They Know what they Want

From a career path, to what they want for dinner, they always know what they want. They can lock onto a goal and manifest it in their lives if they can just manage to take action. Others in their lives are impressed by their ability to make things happen.

Excellent Planners

Ni users like to know what is coming, they need to know what to expect all the time and depending on their Se, may not take well to just winging it. They like to be informed in advance and don’t like changing the plan once it’s been established.

Fueled By Motivation

Most people need discipline to accomplish their goals, not the Ni user. Ni have a superpower of motivation that allows them to feel energized about their wants in life and makes them great at achieving. High Ni users are the type to always be working when everyone else is sleeping. On the downside though, there can be a lack of discipline, which is something closely associated with Introverted Sensing (Si).

Neglect their health

The dishes are piling up, they haven’t showered, slept, or left the house in days. If you leave an Ni user alone they might fall into this sort of pattern and not even realize it.
They can get so caught up in their projects that they forget to take care of themselves, spending days on their computer. This is why having an Si user in their household such as a significant other, or developing health habits is important for them. It’s extremely important to have reminders to eat, sleep, & maintain the body in a scheduled manner.

Too Future Focused

When working hard to achieve their goals, the Ni user can forget to stop and smell the roses & enjoy contentment. They have a difficult time seeing their accomplishments because they rarely look into their past, it’s all about what’s coming up next. Even when they should be relaxing they will have their phone or laptop out to try and get some work in or figure out a solution. This is especially true of the Gamma Quadra.

Forget to check the sensory world

In those who are not in touch with the Se, they might come off as a bit clumsy or uncoordinated, even though they actually have the ability to be dexterous if developed.
Another downside is failure to see opportunities outside of their “field of vision” so to speak. They might be forcing the door open when they can’t see that the window is unlocked.

With high Ni users, their ability to connect the dots might make them conspiratorial. They might believe that the government is out to get them or have theories as to where things in society are leading to. Overall, it’s more difficult to balance the “could be” with “what is” for Ni hero types.

Relation To Extroverted Sensing Se

Ni is on an axis with Se. Everyone who has Ni also has Se. This can be a powerful dynamic, or a weakness depending on their placements and maturity of the individual. Both are observer functions with Se being concrete & Ni being abstract. Meaning one is based in tangible sensory reality (5 senses) & the other is theoretical & all the possibilities that “could be”.

When Ni & Se combine, it turns into action and execution of plans. The user sees something they want, it creates desire, and then they spring into action to obtain said thing.
Se users cannot be obligated to do something, they need to be able to make choices. They enjoy options when it comes to food, clothes or life. All Ni users absolutely need freedom of choice. They are the ones who choose & Ne/Si users are the ones who are chosen.

Which Personality Types Have Introverted Intuition Ni

Gamma Quadra:

INTJ (Ni Te Fi Se)

The INTJ has Ni hero and Se inferior. These types are great at understanding inner workings of systems, strategizing, & manifesting what they want out of life. They’re often solitary but pragmatic in everything they do. They’re more inclined to carve out their own path that allows the most freedom rather than following tradition & regulation.

Their intelligence comes from perceiving overarching themes that might not be obvious to sensor types. This is then combined with common sense & the efficiency that comes with systematic approaches of extroverted thinking. Their Fi child helps to keep them in check in terms of self worth & as a moral compass.

ENTJ (Te Ni Se Fi)

Ni Parent combined with Se child make a great pairing that’s tactical & is great at making things happen, they get to work right away! They can see the best way to accomplish something by seeing what already works in the real work & re-creating success. They will get right to work whereas other types might develop a plan but never implement it and suffer from analysis paralysis. This is how the ENTJ consistently outperforms others in terms of business. An ENTJ also might encourage you to look ahead and really consider the implications of certain actions before making decisions.

ISFP (Fi Se Ni Te)

The ISFP used Ni child to develop & perfect their artistic identity. For example, a photographer may choose only to take monochromatic photos, only use a certain camera, or only photograph certain subjects, and use that as their signature style. They can be very wanty & know with their Ni child that there is always another opportunity & another choice to be made in the future.

ESFP (Se Fi Te Ni)

Ni Inferior is very stubborn when they want something. An ESFP might refuse to compromise when making decisions & do not take into account the effect it will have on others. They don’t like others imposing their will upon them or being obligated. When their Ni grows they might see personal meaning in life around them. For example, they might begin to associate a certain type of bird with symbolic meaning in their lives.

Beta Quadra:

INFJ (Ni Fe Ti Se)

They are typically very quiet, introspective, & empathic types. They tend to use their Ni and combine it with Fe in order to influence & make the world a better place. This can mean preaching, volunteering, or helping others. Some examples of INFJs are Jesus & Gandhi.

ENFJ (Fe Ni Se Ti)

An enfj might use their Ni along with their Fe to give you advice in terms of your future. They might ask you to consider thinking about where a relationship might lead you in the future, or a big life decision. They might have a bright vision for the future of humanity and use their Fe hero to spread their message. This type is naturally charismatic and community focused.

ISTP (Ti Se Ni Fe)

ISTP’s are very concrete individuals, using their Ni Child to make plans for a new design or model for an invention. This type is very averse to metaphysics because of their Ne blindspot but make up for it with practicality.

ESTP (Se Ti Fe Ni)

ESTP’s are often afraid of what they want, being prone to analysis paralysis. High Se users typically have little awareness of consequences & difficulty making choices. It might take the ESTP a while before they learn to use their Ni and stick to something but once they do they can make a lot of progress in their lives.

Signs That You Might Be an Introverted Intuitive

1. “It’s happening!” You might dive a little too deep into conspiracy theories or think Alex Jones is onto something.
2. You have a difficult time remembering things such as eating or sleeping enough because of your lack of Si.
3. You have a difficult time finding the right words to communicate your ideas & hunches.
4. Your ideas are symbolic, nebulous, and can be difficult to express.
5. You don’t like to compromise when it comes to decision making.
6. You rarely explore the past & focus more towards the future or present.
7. You value freedom of choice.


Ni, or introverted intuition, is all about the future and your desires. Ni users can simulate the best future for themselves and focus very intently on those end goals.

Ni is tied to Se, which allows those types to take action on their intuition. If Ni is planning, Se is execution. If they can balance the two, they can really accelerate their lives.

Overall, introverted intuition is characterized by will, desire, determination, and focus of intent. Optimistic Ni users might view their world as full of meaning and personal synchronicity.

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