The ESTJ Personality Type: What You Need To Know

ESTJ personality type is one of the more rational thinkers and traditionalists of the 16 types. They tend to be very outgoing and have a sensitive connection with their innermost feelings & morals (though they likely won’t admit it). These types are very traditional in the sense that they like to uphold the status quo & revere pre-established values.

Their most distinct characteristic though, is that they can come off as bossy & striving for efficiency at all times. They are also status oriented people and are well aware of the pecking order at all times.

The cognitive functions of the ESTJs are Te Si Ne Fi. They are in the Delta Quadra, along with the ISTJ, ENFP, and INFP. Being in the same quadra means that they all share the same functions but in a different order.

This article explores what the ESTJs cognition is like, visual typing cues, their strengths and weaknesses, how to know if you are one & even compatibility! Read on to learn more about the ESTJ personality type!

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Cognitive Functions Of The ESTJ Personality Type

Cognitive functions are the elements that make up our cognition and define our personality type. Every personality type has 4 functions in their conscious ego, and 4 in their shadow (subconscious). There are 8 functions total. There are 16 different combinations of the functions, which is how we get the 16 personality types.

In the ESTJ, their cognitive functions are Te, Si, Ne, and Fi. Let’s go more in depth…

Extroverted Thinking – Te Hero

ESTJs have Extroverted Thinking hero. This Te hero allows the ESTJ to view problems from a systematic & efficiency standpoint, as opposed to emotional. Thus, the ESTJ can be the rational mind a family or business needs to take charge and get things done. Because of their quick thinking capabilities, ESTJs are usually quite successful in rigorous higher education majors.

Furthermore, their extraverted thinking shows up as them being very achievement and status oriented. They are all about collecting accomplishments & climbing the corporate ladder, if that’s the path they’re on. This includes having the best of the best in terms of lifestyle, clothes, food, etc.

Introverted Sensing – Si Parent

ESTJs are the model citizens by which all types are expected to take after. Part of this is because of their responsible Introverted Sensing parent. The Si parent of the ESTJ makes these types very patient, attentive, and disciplined. ESTJs excel at physical training, dieting, and hard work. Their Si parent can push through the tough jobs that need to get done.

Additionally, ESTJs value tradition. This means engaging in cultural holidays, and other familiar  celebrations. They also typically choose a life path that is highly respected in the society in which they grew up. For example, an American ESTJ might find the American dream to be quite appealing.

Extroverted Intuition – Ne Child

ESTJs have Ne, or Extroverted Intuition as a child function. This Ne function provides them awareness of the desires of others & they are able to leverage their skills to fulfill those wants in their favor.

One thing for sure, never ask these types what they want for dinner! Tell them what you want, and they will happily oblige!

Other associations related to extraverted intuition include being able to see an issue from multiple perspectives, possible consequences to actions taken, and generating new ideas from existing concepts.

Introverted Feeling – Fi Inferior/Aspirational

The ESTJ personality type has Introverted Feeling as their last function & it can be a bit complicated. On the outside these types are respected, strong, and stable individuals. However, if you cross their sensitive moral compass, they may act up.

You see, ESTJs are quite sensitive with how they feel. One of their biggest anxieties is that they might be bad people. Oftentimes they may feel guilty for having negative feelings, or having beliefs that conflict with the objective truth.

As these types age, they learn to give their own emotions the outlet that they need. They won’t hesitate to voice their moral opinion, especially around their loved ones. And they may even begin to make positive decisions based on their personal values, rather than rationality.

You can see that ESTJs have Fi, because they may be stubborn with their standards of acceptable behavior, and enforce their boundaries. Additionally, ESTJs firmly believe in the “Average of Five” rule, which states that you are most like the 5 people you hang out with the most.

ESTJ Introverted Feeling Inferior Aspirational, moral compass, likes, values

Strengths of the ESTJ Personality Type


“You can do it right the first time, or you can do it again.”

ESTJs are very systematic & methodical thinkers who take their time. This is why they excel in managerial positions. They see how all the parts in a machine fit together to make an outcome possible. These types are great at teaching others how to do a job, teaching the system to do it right all the time, and how to have a sense of urgency while doing it. Their need for efficiency and competency is what makes others feel micromanaged!

Giving To Others

ESTJs like to give others what makes them happy. Their Ne child loves to surprise others with cake and cookies just to make them smile. On a grander scale, this type aims to work hard to give their families a safe and comfortable future.

When it comes to business, it could be related to uncovering the deepest desires of their customers or clients. Then, creating a product or service that fulfills what the market wants most.


As an ESTJ ages, they can learn to express their feelings in healthy ways. Such ways are through music, books, and even art and fashion. Additionally, they may read philosophy to gain an insight into their own moral world.

Don’t underestimate their Fi inferior function however, as it can aspire to make them some of the most genuine people of all.

Weaknesses of the ESTJ Personality


ESTJs, like ISTJs, can be stuck in their ways. They can be highly conservative and judgmental of alternative ways of life. If you live under their roof, you live by their rules. If you disrespect them, you might come home one day to find all of your stuff on the front porch.

Don’t Know What They Want

ESTJs have Introverted Intuition blind spot. That means that they have no idea what they actually want for themselves. This is another reason why the safe life paths are so appealing to them. They like to do what others want them to do. They do what others expect them to do.

Now, having Ni blindspot isn’t always a bad thing, they are great at providing others with a positive future. However, ESTJs have a weak spot for salesmen. They can be sold on anything. Bad investments, cars they can’t afford, expensive college tuition.

ESTJs don’t often consider the future consequences of their actions. And spend money recklessly to look and feel good, without actually considering whether they can afford it, or whether they actually want it!

Highly Judgmental

So, I’m gonna get real here, ESTJs have a high sense of self importance. Through what means does the ESTJ feed their sense of self importance? Well, their status. That means their name brand clothing, their organic groceries, their high paying job, their new house or car. ESTJs can have a holier than thou attitude. They lack ethical awareness (Fe) and do not believe all people are created equal.

Second, ESTJs take first impressions VERY SERIOUSLY. They put in the effort it takes to be visually appealing, and expect others to do the same. They are highly critical of people who don’t look like they have money, and might even blatantly assume that people who have piercings or tattoos are criminals.

If you are being interviewed for a job by an ESTJ, or you are meeting your significant other’s ESTJ parent, be highly respectful, and dress appropriately. If you’re not early, you’re late.

ESTJ woman sitting on a bench with luggage

Visual Typing: How To Spot An ESTJ

How do you know when you are in the midst of an ESTJ? Well, ESTJs are often dressed to impress, however often inappropriately for the setting. They wear their Sunday best everyday of the week! Going to the salon is routine for them, and they wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup on! Overall, ESTJs are highly impressionable people.

For males, they might dress up in a full suit or at the very least business casual with some nice loafers on, even if they’re just running errands around town. The whole dandy aesthetic is something we personally attribute to them, especially since it connotes a sense of status (Te) & homage to the past (Si). Sometimes you can see them more dressed down with a nice polo, a gold watch, and some boat shoes to keep their feet comfy.

Female ESTJs, if they’re not sporting a comfy business casual look, you can often find them nicely dressed in the latest high-end department store clothing. Often wearing luxury accessories like gold jewelry, an apple watch, gemstones, or a scarf with cultural designs.

If you’re looking to find them,  check the local speakeasy bars, burlesque dance shows, or country clubs.

ESTJ man in a suit giving a speech

ESTJ Interests & Hobbies

  • Cars
  • Computers
  • Going to University
  • Investing
  • Riding horses
  • Shopping
  • Smoking Cigars
  • Tasting fine cuisine
  • Trying Whiskeys and beers
  • Travel

ESTJ Types In Relationships


Above all, an  ESTJ wants to associate with like minded individuals. As a Te hero, they seek the minds of introverted thinking heroes, such as the ISTP, who question the objective belief systems of society. The ESTJ finds these types as incredibly truth telling and eye opening. They can provide the ESTJ with the perspectives they need to take action in any given situation. Thus, ESTJs prefer intellectual wit, over emotionally driven small talk and gossip.

When spending time with friends, ESTJs prefer to go out and do things. Such activities may include golfing, shooting at the gun range, placing bets at the stables, and other conventional masculine activities.


As informative types, ESTJs are very clear about any expectations that need to be met. They are adamant about implementing the best systems required to execute a full fledged operation. Most of all, they work hard and often expect others to put in as much time and effort as they do. They will regularly ask you for status updates on important tasks.


If an ESTJ is interested in you, they will approach you to let you know. Dates with them may include simple but nice trips to the zoo, theme park, or movies. ESTJs are also open to trying new food from various cultures, and dream of visiting those countries someday.

As extroverts, ESTJs will enjoy getting to know your family and even grow to treat them as their own. Birthdays, barbecues, school plays: the ESTJ will be there!

As a husband or wife, they may take on a “head of household” mindset. They will work hard to provide a traditional home life with all creature comforts included. ESTJs prefer to be kept “in the loop” and maintain open communication between family members. Lastly, they may set hard rules that everyone is expected to follow.

estj istp golden pair romantic business firendship compatibility personality types

Signs You Might Be An ESTJ

  • You treat yourself to luxuries often
  • You can zoom out and see every part of a system and how they connect with one another.
  • You want to give others a good future.
  • You put an extreme amount of effort into your appearance.
  • You cringe at people who look and/or smell bad.
  • You learn from making mistakes.
  • You take first impressions very seriously.

ESTJ Celebrities & Characters

  • Al Gore
  • Bono
  • Brian Tracy
  • Dr. Phil
  • Eric Weinstein
  • Hasan Minhaj
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Ivanka Trump
  • Jan from The Office
  • Jay Shetty
  • Judge Judy
  • Kamala Harris
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Patrick Bet David
  • Robert De Niro

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weaknesses of the ESTJ?

ESTJs weakness is their Ni trickster. They have no idea what their goals for life are, which is why they stick to the tried and true methods for careers. They have a weak spot for sales people, and will buy any expensive gadget simply because “it costs a lot, so it must be good”

They can be reckless with spending, and not think to the future about if they should be saving money, not considering the potential consequences if something were to go wrong.

Is an ESTJ rare?

No, ESTJ’s are very common. The 16 Personalities Institute suggests that ESTJ’s are a whopping 8.7% of the population.

Which is the rarest personality type?

According to the 16 Personalities Institute, the INFJ is the rarest type at 1.5%. The most common type is the ISFJ at 13.8%.

What makes ESTJ special?

These types are special for their rational thinking and problem solving organizational skills. These types do not engage in drama and will not let emotions affect their decision making.

What is the best job for an ESTJ?

ESTJs can handle managerial positions well. This is because these types are highly efficient and can teach their staff the skills necessary for running a smooth operation. In addition, they are effective at scheduling and documentation. ESTJs are very systematic people, and if you can work their system well, you should get along with them fine.

The dark side of this is that they have no capacity for caring about others feelings. So if there is drama or emotional problems amongst stall members, they won’t be the best at handling those situations. In this case they should find an ENFJ second in command that can help with the social aspects of managing a team.

What is the biggest fear of ESTJ?

With their Fi inferior, ESTJs worry that they are bad people. When the objective truth conflicts with their subjective morals, the ESTJ feels alienated and afraid. Sometimes their Te approach to life offends ethical people and pushes them away.

Who should an ESTJ marry?

ESTJs should marry ISTPs or ESTPs. These types have a high compatibility with the ESTJ.

What is the ESTJ stereotype?

The stereotype of the ESTJ is the guy who is way overdressed. ESTJs have Se critic, which means that they are very precise about the first impressions that they make.

In females, she is the school principal in a pencil skirt and low heeled shoes. She has a flashy watch and her hair up in a bun.

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