The ENFP Personality Type: What You Need To Know

The ENFP personality type is one of the most intuitive of the 16 personality types. They are loyal, kind hearted and curious about the interconnectedness of it all. The ENFP belongs to the Delta Quadra – along with the INFP, ISTJ, and ESTJ personality types.

ENFP’s can be creative on a whole different level because of their mastery of memes, tropes, and relatable observations. This comes from their hero function, Extroverted Intuition, which is an observing function that encompasses how they see the world (a world full of possibilities).

Despite their optimistic outlooks, they do struggle with their inferior function, which is introverted sensing, or Si. That means that they can have difficulty with consistency, moving on from negative memories, and dealing with the pain of existence.

In this article we will uncover all you need to know about the ENFP personality type: Their cognitive functions, their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and how they are in relationships. Plus, we’ll go over some of the signs to look out for when typing an ENFP or if you are one yourself! Read on to learn all the basics and more…

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Cognitive Functions Of The ENFP Personality Type

Our cognition highly impacts the way we experience the world. Cognitive functions are the methods through which we perceive & make decisions in the world. There are 8 total, but we only have 4 in our egos. The different combinations of these cognitive functions are what gives us the 16 personalities. Let’s learn about what functions make up an ENFP’s cognition.

Extroverted Intuition – Ne Hero

The hero function is the strongest function of the ego. It is what we resort to when our brain is on autopilot. The hero of the ENFP type is Ne, or Extroverted Intuition. Ne is able to draw meaning from the collective unconscious of man.

For an ENFP, every person, place, or thing is a carrier of symbolic meaning that inspiration can be derived from. These types have so many new ideas that they struggle to prioritize and follow through with them.

Furthermore, with their ability to see so many universal connections, understand tropes, and possibilities, they can be great storytellers or become successful novelists.

Extroverted intuition is also a very “flowy” function & people who have it are the “go with the flow” types. They tend to be moveable and very aware of the desires & intentions of those around them. This makes them good at anticipating what’s coming next & offering options to those who have introverted intuition instead.

Introverted Feeling – Fi Parent

Next is the parent function of Introverted Feeling. The parent function is often described as “pessimistic” because of its more responsible nature. So although they put their values first & foremost, they still maintain a sense of awareness of how it might come off & affect others.

When an ENFP is going through a tough time, they need to express it privately. They might paint a canvas, mural, write a piece of music, or just dye their hair a new color. If they have not learned to express their feelings in healthy ways they might resort to bad habits.

The Fi of an ENFP makes them very genuine people who live their lives according to their ideals & values. It may appear surprising how openly they discuss their emotions and the significance of deep feeling in their lives.

These types can also develop a lot of empathy later in their life, and become effective at dealing with emotionally charged situations. This stems from being in tune with the nuance of emotions they’ve experienced in their own life 1st hand.

With a bit of work, they can reach mastery of emotions on all fronts. Not only for themselves but also to help others going through the hardships of life. For this reason, they can make great counselors, therapists, or advocates.

Extroverted Thinking – Te Child

Te, or Extroverted Thinking child, makes the ENFP super curious about how things work. As their Te develops they may be inclined to learn about business, or marketing, or brand building.

An ENFP might dissect a piece of technology to know how it works. They like to see how one part interacts with another, and enjoy fixing things.

These types are also very tactile learners. When they can learn by performing an action, the process will be significantly more enjoyable, and they will retain more information.

When facing a new challenge, they are quick to look up a youtube tutorial to figure out how to solve the issue themselves. This ability to figure things out can be considered a super-power when they lean more into it.

These types may also embark on an entrepreneurial lifestyle, turning their passions into a career. ENFP’s have been known to succeed in the arts, culinary, sales, and counseling. We personally know ENFPs who’ve started their own crafting businesses, beauty salons, and even restaurants that are based on their personal values.

Introverted Sensing – Si Inferior/Aspirational

The inferior function is the weakest function in a stack. We like to call it the “baby” function as it can come off as a bit infantile when compared to the capacity of the other functions.

However, don’t let this discourage you. Everyone is capable of improving their inferior function through practice & perseverance.

The Introverted Sensing of an ENFP relates to their past experiences, memories, loyalty, as well as their ability or aspiration for discipline and endurance of tough times.

The inferior function in all types is also where their fears lie & is pessimistic in nature. However, this function can at times go from “zero to hero” and aspire! When a ENFP is facing their fears & feeling optimistic, they can become some of the hardest working people. They can push through to the other side when life becomes difficult & roll with the punches.

Oftentimes ENFPs are portrayed as “tough guys” or “teddy bears” and we feel like this is closely related to this function alone. Yes they can look big and tough, but often times are very squishy in this area, nonetheless they can certainly aspire to walk the walk and be the toughest of them all.

If you know an ENFP or think you might be one, seek to encourage them to grow their introverted sensing function. It will bring them the most joy & sense of accomplishment.

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Strengths of the ENFP Personality Type


The Si of the ENFP makes them loyal to their tribe & is something they take very seriously. They can be known to go to the ends of the earth to be there for their families & friends.

ENFP’s love to help others in social causes. Feeling wanted and needed by others is a motivating factor of the ENFP. They feel good by being in service to others & advocating for them.

Overall, they like to feel useful & can be extremely dependable through thick and thin.


The ENFP is tapped into a divine source of inspiration at all times. ENFP’s have many threads flowing through their minds at all times, and can be very knowledgeable in a vast array of subjects.

They can believe in many theories & myths, and even if they conflict with one another, they are able to draw similarities or connections. Nothing is impossible or off limits for the ENFP, and this shows in their insane level of creative spark, random idea generation, and hilarious conversation starters.

Excellent at Branding & Sales

ENFP’s are excellent at convincing others to take action. This superpower comes from the combination of the Ne Hero & Si Inferior. The ENFP has an impeccable awareness not only of what others want, but also what they themselves like to experience. They know all of the finer nuances of what make a great experience and are able to convey that in their sales communications.

As far as Fi & Te is concerned,  they are excellent brand builders because they can perceive what others think and create a unique value that others can relate to. It’s not so much about the hard facts, but what could be, what resonates on an emotional  level, and what others will think of the product or service.

Weaknesses of the ENFP Personality

Lack of Focus

The ENFP’s Ne hero can come off as unhinged and their constant flow of inspiration can be overbearing for some to tolerate.

Between their creative endeavors, family, and work, ENFPs often spread themselves out too thin & struggle to keep up with commitments. For an ENFP, a perfect world would be one where there are no sensory limitations, just pure creation & flow of energy.

Their lack of focus also stems from their lower Si so they have trouble reeling things in in terms of staying disciplined. This can involve being on time, keeping a consistent schedule, or staying on top of their health goals.

Not Book-Smart

ENFPs lack Ti entirely, which means they do not have a good grasp of logical structure or critical thinking. They don’t usually think things through too deeply, and can come off as being naive.

What is actually “true” is not as important to the ENFP as what the majority “believes” is true. This in itself can also be a cause of thought manipulation, although not always intentionally.

ENFP’s prefer to work hands-on, not reading or sitting in a classroom. At the end of the day, the education system is not built for these highly eccentric & creative types.

They may struggle with the rigid structure of schooling and discerning what the truth of the matter is.

Struggle with Endurance

Because of their Si inferior, ENFP’s are often very afraid of suffering. This can be an adversity to trying new things, a low tolerance for pain, and a distaste for physical activity of any kind.

These types need to protect their comfort, and would rather be comfy than look nice. ENFP’s can struggle with feelings of being weaker than their peers, and can face burnout much sooner.

This is often a life struggle for them, and the sooner an ENFP accepts their low Si, the sooner they can learn to love the challenge of discipline & endurance. If not for themselves, then for their loved ones.

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Visual Typing: How To Spot An ENFP

ENFP’s are the types to change their hair color (or beard) to match their mood. This isn’t to say they are all like this but I suppose you can say there are many subtypes in terms of styling.

We often note ENFPs to be very eccentric in their looks. This includes having lots of symbolic tattoos related to metaphysical topics (for the more New Age types), to having lots of tattoos related to their Fi & the things they like.

Because of their baby Si, they also like to be comfy at all times and will most often choose comfort over style. Think big sweaters, loose pants, sandals, or even Crocs which we like to associate with their close relatives, the INFP.

As previously mentioned, a lot of this type is also into hippie & new age culture and these are much easier to spot. They can be seen wearing Bohemian style outfits, chakra & alchemical symbol tattoos, dreads, and generally exude a carefree or hippie-vibe.

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ENFP Interests & Hobbies

Because of their intuitive nature, many ENFP’s are lovers of spirituality & mysticism. This also includes reading into typology as we’re writing about here, something that’s very conceptual but observable.

An ENFP might have an inclination towards any of the following:

  • Anime
  • Astrology
  • Arts & crafts of all sorts
  • Collecting
  • Crystals
  • Eastern Philosophies
  • Herbs & natural remedies
  • Meditation practices
  • Music production
  • Reading novels & anything that piques their interest
  • Tarot reading & divination
  • Yogic practices

Because of their affiliative nature, these types tend to hover towards communes or groups of people who share their values and views of the world.  Their high Fi makes them advocates for human rights and environmental preservation. Additionally, reading fiction novels or watching anime can be a fun way for ENFP’s to expand their imaginations.

ENFP Types In Relationships

As a friend, ENFP’s are incredibly nice & genuine. They are giving and like to express themselves freely. They’re great at starting & holding conversations about the most random but intriguing topics. ENFP’s are never affected by awkwardness. They can be so friendly that it seems like they are too nice!

In a romantic relationship, the ENFP needs to feel wanted & desired, but most importantly, feel safe & comfortable. They’re not really go-getters so if you’re interested in one, you must be the one to show your cards first & pursue them. If you can manage to do these two things, they will be undyingly loyal & shower you with attention.

In a business partnership, ENFP’s are excellent sales people & marketing agents. They know what people want & are great at building positive perceptions about your product or company. Not only that, but their out-of-the-box creativity is a cut above the rest & is sure to make your partnership stand out.

Signs You Might Be An ENFP

  • Others might describe you as having ADHD (which might not be the case!)
  • You value self care & know how to pamper yourself
  • You have so many tabs open in your life, it’s hard to finish any one task
  • You pride yourself in figuring things out & having a high level of efficiency
  • You find a lot of people come to you for advice on personal problems
  • You consider yourself a connoisseur of snacks
  • Your beast-mode is maximum effort!
  • You have a smartwatch and/or track your steps, calories, miles ran, etc.

ENFP Celebrities & Characters

  • Bjork
  • Buc-ee from the Buc-ee’s brand
  • Cesar Chavez
  • Charles Manson
  • Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • James Warren Jones
  • Peter from Family Guy
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Shoko Asahara
  • Steve Wozniak
  • The Dude – The Big Lebowski
  • The Therapy Gecko
  • Ty Lopez
  • Willie Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ENFP person like?

The ENFP personality type tends to be very outgoing, quirky, & genuine people. They are known to be out of the box thinkers and are extremely loyal to those they care about.

Is ENFP a rare personality?

Personally we see quite a few ENFPs out and about, possibly due to their more extroverted nature. In general though, intuitive types tend to be more rare as most of society is built around sensor types.


The ENFP personality type can be considered as being a bit scatter-brained but we attribute this more to the nature of their Extroverted Intuition hero function than being labeled as “neurodivergent” or having something wrong with them.

They Ne hero is constantly opening new threads, exploring new ideas, & making connections between observations. It’s not a bad thing, so don’t feel bad about it.

But if you really want to be scientific, concrete, or accurate in this sense, you’ll have to see a licensed professional who can diagnose you with this “disorder”, if we can really call it that at all.

Are ENFPs good in bed?

Being good in bed boils down to sensory functions.  ENFP’s have Si inferior which means they prefer to receive experiences rather than give experiences in bed like an Se user.

With that being said, don’t expect them to be doing anything acrobatic for you. That’s to be expected to come from you, assuming you’re an Se user like an INFJ which is their platinum pair.

If you’re an Si user also, then it will be like having two canvases with no painter. Not recommended.

Do ENFP have anger issues?

ENFPs are typically nota aggressive or have anger issues. However, when an ENFP is under stress or feels threatened, they may enter their shadow or superego which include the “ragey” Se function. In this case, they can become violent types since their normal ego functions where not able to provide a solution to their problem. If these types experienced a significant amount of trauma or violence, then they can lash out when they feel threatened.

Are ENFP prone to anxiety?

Yes, all types are prone to anxiety. Anxiety comes from the inferior function, so ENFPs have anxieties related to pain and physically demanding situations.

Additionally, the critic function is another source of anxiety for the 16 types. For an ENFP the critic function is Fe, or extroverted feeling, the ENFP is highly concerned whether other people like them and put a lot of effort into being nice and friendly.

Do ENFP have high IQ?

IQ is traditionally based on logic. Because of their Ti blindspot, the ENFP does not have much awareness of logical arguments or thinking in this regard.

However, they have exceptionally high EQ or Emotional Intelligence, due to their high Fi and Fe critic. This is why ENFPs are great counselors, therapists, and guides.

What type is ENFP most attractive to?

ENFP’s are drawn to types in the Beta quadra. Particularly INFJs and ENFJs. The relationship with an INFJ works so well because both are highly intuitive types that can handle each other’s lifestyles without too much effort.

The main reason for this is that these types have opposite functions altogether unlike say an ISTJ who has the same functions but just re-arranged.

So for example, the Ne hero is able to communicate effortlessly with the Ni hero of an INFJ, the Fi parent to the Fe parent , and so on. This is quite literally Yin & Yang.

Who is ENFP least compatible with?

The ENFP is least compatible with the other types in the Delta quadra (INFP, ESTJ, & ISTJ).

This is because they have the exact same functions but re-arranged in a different order. They could be considered the same category or the same archetype as they act in similar ways.

In this case, the least compatible would be the ISTJ who has the same functions which means there’s redundancy. The Ne hero os the ENFP is not getting the Ni it needs & the Si hero of the ISTJ is not getting the Se it needs. This results in skewed expectations & unfulfilled needs. Not only that but the hero of each will overshadow the inferior of the other, maybe both of them feel insecure.

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