What Personality Type Was Mother Teresa? Paragon of Piety

As we look into the life of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, better known as Mother Teresa, we’re struck by the profound simplicity & depth of her character. She is most renowned for her selfless service to the destitute in Kolkata, a mission driven by her unwavering faith & compassion.

Through our lens, Mother Teresa embodies the ISFJ personality type, part of the nurturing & dutiful Alpha Quadra. Her life’s work, marked by an innate sense of duty & a profound ability to empathize with those in suffering, showcases the hallmark traits of this personality group. It’s her quiet yet powerful legacy of love and service that resonates with us, affirming her place as an ISFJ, a type that values duty, harmony & human connection above all.

For a deeper insight into Mother Teresa’s life and her ISFJ traits, read on! You can also find other famous ISFJs here.

What Personality Type Was Mother Teresa Paragon of Piety


Mother Teresa, born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, was a beacon of compassion in the bustling streets of Kolkata, India. Her life was a testament to the power of unwavering kindness; she was the embodiment of selfless service. With a heart as vast as the ocean, she founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1950, which became a global symbol of charitable work.

Her mission? To love and care for those whom society had abandoned – the sick, the dying, and the destitute. This tiny, yet formidable nun, clad in a simple blue-bordered sari, navigated the complexities of human suffering with a simple dictum: to serve the poorest of the poor with absolute respect & unconditional love.

Mother Teresa’s life was a mosaic of humility & honor. Her relentless dedication to the downtrodden earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, a recognition that echoed her message of peace and brotherhood across the world.

She was not just a nun; she was a global icon, an advocate for the voiceless, whose influence transcended the barriers of religion and nationality. In the twilight of her life, she became Saint Teresa of Calcutta, canonized by the Vatican, a fitting tribute to a soul that lived for others. Her legacy is a stirring reminder that true greatness often lies not in what we acquire, but in what we give away.

Why Mother Teresa is an ISFJ Personality Type

Service & Sacrifice

The paradox of Mother Teresa’s quiet presence creating ripples around the world is striking. It’s clear as day that her introverted, soft-spoken demeanor is the vessel for a vast ocean of empathy, which became the cornerstone of her existence.

As I watch her recount her journey, it’s her memory that’s captivating; it’s fortress-like, safeguarding a history rich with service and sacrifice. She effortlessly recalls her 20-year tenure with the nuns in India as if it were yesterday, a testament to her robust Introverted Sensing (Si). And as the video unfolds, so does her evident sense of duty, as if each word she speaks is a pledge to serve humanity.

The sections that follow are written in sequence according to what we observed in the video interview.

Trust The Plan

Roughly three minutes in, it’s crystal clear: Mother Teresa’s faith is her guiding star, not just a slice of her identity, but the very essence of it. She articulates that her service is an expression of her devotion to Christ, an act of aligning her purpose with his “Will,” which to me, is the epitome of faithfulness.

What resonates with me is her surrender to this divine blueprint, a path she perceives not with her own eyes but through the lens of what I see as Extroverted Intuition (Ne). She’s not charting her own course; she’s faithfully committed to the journey Christ has set before her.

Love Is All You Need

Six minutes into the footage, Mother Teresa’s actions speak volumes of her empathy as she attempts to aid a woman languishing on the streets. When the hospital denied the woman care, Mother Teresa’s resolve didn’t waver; she took it upon herself to provide comfort when others stepped away.

She later reveals a profound insight at 8:30, distinguishing between the tangible scarcity of resources and a more severe famine—the scarcity of love, a deficit severely felt in today’s society. This narrative isn’t just about recognizing need; it’s about a deep, shared human connection, an embodiment of Extroverted Feeling (Fe) that she believes can truly make the world a better place.

If This, Then That, Therefore

At 9:45, when probed about the scope of her impact and potential discouragement, Mother Teresa’s answer is laced with the clarity of Introverted Thinking (Ti). She distills the overwhelming into the simple act of helping one person at a time, reminiscent of Jesus’s singular existence and singular impact. This isn’t an elaborate theory; it’s practical wisdom in small, powerful doses.

Finally, her Extroverted Intuition (Ne) re-surfaces as she envisions a metaphor that likens the world to an immense ocean, where each act of kindness, however small the drop, contributes significantly. With a concluding “therefore,” she dispels any sense of futility in the face of massive challenges, reinforcing that every effort to serve, no matter the scale, is worthwhile.

Mother Teresa: The Quintessential ISFJ

By the halfway point in this interview, it’s evident that Mother Teresa aligns with the ISFJ personality type to a T. Her actions & words throughout the interview illuminate this, and I encourage you to watch the remainder to see more for yourself.

Her Fe parent trait is unmistakable, yet it lacks the more exuberant, expressive quality you might find in an outgoing ENFJ or ESFJ. While some might mistake her for an INFJ, the stark contrast between the cognitive axis of Ni/Se vs Si/Ne puts such confusion to rest. She isn’t about carving her own path or seeking personal excellence; she’s the embodiment of duty, devoted to following the will of Christ and embracing the divine plan as it unfolds. It’s this unwavering dedication to service, rooted in a deep sense of responsibility, that cements her as a true ISFJ.

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