What Personality Type Was Einstein? A Shocking Observation

At first glance, with his iconic untamed hair and the deep focus in his eyes, I pegged Albert Einstein as the quintessential INTP. It made sense—his intuitive leaps in physics, his reputation as the pinnacle of intellect, and that certain disheveled professor look all pointed to the classic ‘thinker’ persona.

But as I delved deeper into the man behind the theory of relativity, my view shifted. Sure, he was a titan of science, but his actions and words painted the picture of an INFJ instead.

It became obvious that Einstein was part of the Beta Quadra with his concern for global ethics, his admiration for figures like Gandhi, and his advocacy for social justice that transcended the stereotype of a detached thinker. I realized that his intelligence was matched by his deep moral convictions, cementing him as an INFJ—a visionary driven by both intuition & a profound concern of humanity.

To uncover the intricate layers of Einstein’s character and how they defy the initial assumptions, keep reading and join me in this intellectual exploration. Or, if you’re curious about the personalities of other historical luminaries, click here to discover other famous INFJ types.

What Personality Type Was Einstein. Albert Einstein was an INFJ


Albert Einstein, a name that resonates as the epitome of genius, was a physicist whose work utterly transformed our understanding of the universe. Born in 1879, Einstein’s name became synonymous with intelligence and creativity.

He is best known for developing the theory of relativity, a groundbreaking framework for all of modern physics, which introduced the most famous equation in history, E=mc^2. His profound insights into the nature of light and time have unraveled the fabric of the cosmos, revealing a universe far stranger and more wonderful than anyone had imagined.

Einstein’s intellectual might earned him the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect, cementing his legacy as a titan of science. Beyond the chalkboard, his life was as rich and complex as the theories he devised; a violinist, a pacifist during the tumult of the World Wars, and an outspoken advocate for civil rights.

His existence was a symphony of thought and humanity, a testament to the power of curiosity and the human spirit to comprehend the cosmos. Albert Einstein was not just a scientist; he was a philosopher of the stars, whose name will forever be etched in the annals of human achievement.

Why Albert Einstein is an INFJ Personality Type

The Moral Compass of a Genius

Watching this old interview video below, it struck me how Einstein prioritizes humanity’s moral development. He isn’t just thinking about scientific principles; he’s primarily concerned about our ethical backbone. The man suggests striving for an international order rooted in justice, which smacks of a UN-style body.

It’s a hot topic now, and I can’t help but feel that an INTP would balk at such collective & controlling ideas. They’re more about individual logic & freedom, right? But Einstein, he’s on about morality first. His Ti is there, sure, but it’s taking a back seat to his moralizing. That’s not typical INTP territory.

Listen carefully to his words as the subtitles are not accurate in the video.

A Visionary’s Social Ideals

Then there’s his Wikipedia page. Later in life, he tilts towards socialism (at times even being accused to be a communist spy), not for the methodology, but for the pursuit of social justice. He respects Lenin, not for his tactics, but for his moral vision. That’s a telltale NF temperament if I ever saw one.

And his admiration for Gandhi, another likely INFJ, just cements it. The guy’s in ethical and humanist groups, preaching about ‘ethical culture’ as humanity’s lifeline. He’s not just a thinker; he’s a dreamer, an idealist, and that’s pure INFJ fuel.

The Intuitive Ethical Idealist

Let’s lay it out: Einstein’s got a handle on Fe & Fi, but they’re second fiddle to his intuition. He dreams up the theory of relativity, a concept so intuitive it left heads spinning for decades. That’s his lead—intuition. ENFPs also have secondary feeling functions, but Einstein doesn’t have their extroverted energy.

His introverted thinking is legendary, but he’s also wrestling with his own moral compass, thanks to Fi critic. He’s not just about Fe community vibes; he’s personally invested in being ethical. It’s a complex mix, but it’s clear as day: Albert Einstein is an INFJ through and through.

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