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  • Alchemical Unity

    Inspired by medieval alchemy tomes, this shirt features profound symbolism with unparalleled comfort . Its icons of duality & unity evoke harmony, inviting self-discovery. High-quality cotton ensures soft comfort, making it an emblem of personal growth & deeper understanding.

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  • Illumination T-Shirt

    Experience solar serenity during your times of contemplation. This shirt is a seamless blend of comfort & cosmic allure which elevates self-expression & introspection. Treat yourself to the possibilities & illuminate your wardrobe today!

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  • Essentia Exaltata T-Shirt

    Embrace the Exalted Essence, symbolizing the unity of creation & the quintessence of the universe. Each uniquely crafted shirt promotes sustainability & reflects inner exploration, allowing you to express individuality with every wear, embodying the eternal dance of transformation & creation.

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  • Mystic Breakthrough T-Shirt

    A daring design that shatters the boundaries of the mundane, inviting you to journey into the sacred cosmic expanse! Wrapped in sublime ring-spun cotton comfort, this enchanting tee illuminates your path to enlightenment with stylish flair. Your next breakthrough awaits!

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  • Aldous Huxley Smoke of Perception T-Shirt

    Embrace Huxley’s legacy with a comfortable, durable ring-spun cotton tee, designed for those who treasure intellectual depth and self-awareness. It’s a sustainably made, on-demand nod to empathy and clarity in a world of infinite perspectives.

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  • Carl Jung Cosmic Smoke T-Shirt

    Experience lasting comfort with the “Carl Jung Cosmic Smoke” t-shirt, made from soft 100% ring-spun cotton with double stitching for enduring wear. This unique, made-to-order tee invites you to explore the depths of the psyche in cozy, durable style.

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